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Which Building Survey Do You Need?

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Wondering which type of building survey you need? Our expert surveyors, with ten years of experience in the industry, have broken down the different types of building surveys below and which one you’ll likely need to assess the condition of your property.

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Your Ally in Property Evaluation

  • Suitable for: General assessments on the condition of the property.
  • Purpose: Identifying visible defects and issues.
  • Ideal for: Conventional houses, flats or bungalows built from everyday materials in a reasonable condition.

A Level 1 Condition Report is a basic assessment of the condition of a property during the purchase or transaction stage, helping stakeholders or first-time buyers make informed decisions. 

The Level 1 Condition Report will provide a general overview of the property’s condition, identifying significant issues and areas requiring further investigation or attention. 

The report’s traffic light system will detail the areas of the property that require attention and the amount and cost assessments. Our surveyors can help advise your legal advisors on replacements, guarantees, and planning.

*Valuations not included.

Guiding You Through Property Assessments

  • Suitable for: Detailed assessment of a property’s condition.
  • Purpose: Highlight potential costs and risks and facilitate negotiations and decision-making.
  • Ideal for: Properties built after 1900 are traditionally built with no significant alters or extensions and are in reasonable condition. 

A Level 2 Home Survey, sometimes referred to as a Homebuyer’s Report, provides a more in-depth analysis than a Level 1 Report as it includes a more detailed assessment of the property, which typically involves visual inspections, identification of defects, environmental issues, summary of findings, valuations, advice and recommendations.

Level 2 Home Surveys are typically recommended for residential properties requiring a detailed assessment of the property’s condition. This will provide more valuable information to help you mitigate potential risks associated with home purchases. Alternatively, some mortgage lenders might require a property survey as part of the application process to help them assess the mortgage risk, which is often a typical process when purchasing a residential property.

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Shielding Your Finances from Property Pitfalls

  • Suitable for: Older properties or concerns about the structural integrity of a property, such as signs of subsidence, cracking, or dampness.
  • Purpose: Assessing the integrity of older properties to aid in purchasing properties in poor condition.
  • Ideal for: Properties pre-dating 1900 that are non-traditionally, in poorer condition or have been significantly changed or altered. 

A Level 3 Building Survey, commonly called a Full Structural Survey, is the most comprehensive property survey available in the UK. It provides a detailed assessment of the property’s condition, including its structure, fabric, and visible defects, documentation, reporting, and a tailored approach.

Generally, a Level 3 Building Survey is better recommended for properties that have complex structures, which tend to be older properties in poor condition, or that have undergone significant renovations and alterations. Offering everything the Home Buyer Survey provides, the Level 3 Report is an extension of the Level 2 Report. 

In some scenarios, legal or regulatory requirements might dictate the need for a Level 3 Building Survey in property disputes or insurance claims, where a detailed survey report will provide the evidence you need to support your case.

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Chris Thoume
Chris Thoume
Great experience working with Simon: he took me through the process in simple terms and was always willing to provide considered pragmatic advice.
Jessica Sanzone
Jessica Sanzone
Would highly recommend using Westville Associates. Appointed Brett to act for us in regards to some party wall matters. We found him to be polite and professional with a wealth of knowledge in this field. Great communication throughout the process. Great service from start to finish.
Kate Rennie
Kate Rennie
I was recommended to use Westville Associates through a colleague to carry out a survey of a house we were looking to purchase. I couldn’t have been happier with the whole process. From start to finish, Simon was professional, punctual, through and gave good advice with issues that arose from the survey. I have and will continue to recommend Westville Associates to anyone wishing to carry out any surveys.
Niki Yazdanian
Niki Yazdanian
Simon carried out a full building survey for us on a property in Oxted. We found him to be prompt, professional, very knowledgeable, a great service all round. We would have no hesitation in recommending him and using him again.
Sophie Beed
Sophie Beed
Really recommend Westville, great communication and advice. Clear, concise and quick report and more than happy to discuss any points to help us understand our purchase better.
Sara Mahdavian
Sara Mahdavian
We used Wesville Associates for a full Building Survey for our property in Claygate after a recommendation from a friend. Simon was very personable, knowledgable and professional, and was able to work around our tight timeframe. We felt in good hands from the start!
“Westville Associates undertook a homebuyers report for us prior to the purchase of our flat in Wandsworth. The service from start to finish was exemplary. Simon booked us in, undertook the inspection and presented the report to us all within 7 working days which was appreciated as time was against us somewhat. The after sales care was also great as we had several questions about the property that were dealt with over the phone. Friendly, professional and prompt service. Would definitely recommend. Rob.”
Craig C
Craig C
I have worked in Surbiton and the surrounding areas as an agent for over 10 years and could not recommend Simon highly enough. He has a wealth of knowledge and goes above and beyond to ensure his clients fully understand the fantastic reports he creates, unlike many other surveyors who just send a confusing report without further explanation of key points. I am so pleased Simon has set up his solo venture - Westville Associates and will be recommending him to all of my clients.