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Level 3 Building Surveys

Our Level 3 surveys are particularly beneficial for older, more complex properties or those that have been significantly altered, refurbished or extended in the past.

We also now offer an additional drone service that allows us to more thoroughly inspect hard to see areas of the roof which can often be problematic like flat roof sections, box gutters or chimney flashings against roofs.

A Level 3 building survey gives a comprehensive assessment of the property with clear and concise information about how to remedy defects we find.  Our friendly service also extends beyond the initial inspection and report as we are always willing to provide follow-up advice if needed over the phone or by email.

You’ll have peace of mind armed with a comprehensive understanding of your building’s status and the necessary guidance for informed decision-making.

What aspects does a Level 3 survey cover?

Our Level 3 surveys offer more detail than our level 2 surveys. During a Level 3 survey we address:

  • Major and minor defects
  • Dampness tests
  • Structural modifications
  • Unauthorized renovations
  • Hazardous materials
  • Subsidence
  • Roof and masonry damage
  • Timber deterioration
  • Nearby large trees
  • Existing insulation and damp proofing

Other Services

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