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Meet the team

Simon Burrage MSc MBA

Hi there! I’m Simon, 45 with 3 boys aged 2,5 & 8 

I initially did a degree in Fitness Science & Human Biology a very long time ago and after graduating, I went straight into the city as a Futures Trader for several years before working in various contracting roles in the City for all of the tier 1 Investment banks.  Although it was great money, I really didn’t find it fulfilling.

I finally had enough and retrained. I did a Masters in Business and then another Masters in Building Surveying – finally changing industries about 12 years ago.

I worked for a couple of large surveying practices in town to learn the ropes before considering children. Then I decided a better work life balance was required so for a couple of years I worked in Surbiton for a smaller firm before realising ‘hold up, I can do this for myself better than these guys’.

Westville Associates was born in June 2021; the rest is history.

Now, you can find me working from an office in Cobham and looking to expand and take on new clients across Surrey.


Sophie is our diligent and detail-oriented administrative professional. Sophie, is known in the office for her meticulous organisational skills and unwavering commitment to ensuring the seamless operation of the office.

Day-to-day work, Sophie is responsible for managing schedules, handling correspondence, and assisting our surveyors in various administrative tasks. Her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities with efficiency has made her an indispensable part of the team. Sophie takes pride in contributing to the success of the firm by ensuring that all administrative aspects run smoothly.

Sophie values her relationships with friends and family, often hosting gatherings at her cozy home. She enjoys experimenting with new recipes, showcasing her culinary skills during these social events. Her warm and welcoming personality makes her the go-to person for advice and support among her close-knit circle.


Max is our dynamic and ambitious individual who serves as our Business Development Associate. Max brings charm and strategic thinking to his role.

His journey into the world of chartered surveying started after he completed his business management degree, where he discovered his passion for fostering business relationships and exploring growth opportunities. Known for his proactive attitude and strategic mindset, Max quickly became a highly valuable asset to the firm.

In his downtime, Max is a music enthusiast, often attending industry events and networking functions. His ability to connect with people from different walks of life, coupled with his passion for music, adds a vibrant and personable touch to his professional relationships.

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