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Party wall services in Surrey for adjoining owners

Have you received a party wall notice from your neighbour? Are you worried about what to do next or not really sure what a party wall notice is? Don’t worry. As an adjoining owner, we can help protect your rights under the Party Wall Act and help you carry out the appropriate next steps.

What we can do for you

We’ve helped hundreds of adjoining homeowners across Surrey affected by party wall works – and with professionals like us on your side, you can’t go wrong. Our service for adjoining owners will give you access to impartial, expert advice and ensure your neighbour safeguards your property and investment with meticulous and up-to-standard Schedules of Condition and Party Sall Awards (agreements).

When handled incorrectly, a Party Wall is often a source of dispute. 

The Party Wall Act protects a property owner’s rights by outlining specific rules and processes for construction and renovations concerning properties that share a wall or boundary (as seen in terraced and semi-detached homes). 

These shared walls between two properties are referred to as Party Walls, and when one side plans to make renovations or changes to the property that affect the shared boundary, a Party Wall Notice must be served. 

To fully protect their property and investments, owners and builders should dissuade from free Party Wall templates and seek services from a surveyor like ourselves, who ensures full compliance on both sides. Recipients of a Party Wall Notice should also seek surveyor services to understand their options and how to respond legally.

The Party Wall Act of 1996 establishes a framework to prevent and resolve disputes related to building work on shared walls, boundary walls, and excavations near neighbouring buildings. It ensures that property owners legally notify and obtain agreements from adjoining owners before a construction project begins. The Agreement or Award establishes both the rights and responsibilities of each owner, outlining matters like maintenance, repairs, alterations and any other issues that might arise.

  • New building on or at the boundary of two properties
  • Work to an existing party wall or structure
  • Excavation within 3 to 6 meters of a neighbouring property (depending on the depth of the work)
  • We will notify the building owner of the damage immediately.
  • We’ll conduct a surveyor assessment of the damage and determine if it’s due to the works.
  • The building owner is responsible for repairing the damage, so we will collect compensation.
  • We’ll manage and handle any disputes, but if there’s a disagreement, the Party Wall Act will determine the exact process for resolving them.

Typically, the building owner pays for the surveyor’s fees, and in the majority of circumstances, the owner undertaking the work covers the fees for the party wall surveyors. This is usually because the adjoining owner is an innocent bystander who would not have needed to go through this process if it were not for the neighbour. However, costs can be shared if both parties agree to a joint surveyor.

Suppose your neighbour has begun construction without a Party Wall Agreement (Award). In that case, you can apply to the County Court to obtain an injunction to stop works from going ahead until the process outlined in the Act has been correctly followed.

The courts frown upon owners who intentionally ignore the Party Wall Act, and if no notices had been served in the relevant time, you are likely to be granted your injunction.

However, your first step should be to inform the neighbour that you believe their works are notifiable under the Act, and they should serve you with notice, as it might be the case they did not know about the legislation. If talking to your neighbour about this issue makes you uncomfortable, then a party wall surveyor, like us, can send a letter advising them of their obligations.

Arrange a Free Consultation

It’s 100% recommended to serve a Party Wall Notice. Consult with our qualified surveyors and to determine whether any planned construction on a neighbouring wall or property requires an agreement. 

Failing to obtain the necessary agreements often leads to disputes and legal issues with your neighbours that can result in delays and additional costs before you even get started.

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Chris Thoume
Great experience working with Simon: he took me through the process in simple terms and was always willing to provide considered pragmatic advice.
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Jessica Sanzone
Would highly recommend using Westville Associates. Appointed Brett to act for us in regards to some party wall matters. We found him to be polite and professional with a wealth of knowledge in this field. Great communication throughout the process. Great service from start to finish.
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Kate Rennie
I was recommended to use Westville Associates through a colleague to carry out a survey of a house we were looking to purchase. I couldn’t have been happier with the whole process. From start to finish, Simon was professional, punctual, through and gave good advice with issues that arose from the survey. I have and will continue to recommend Westville Associates to anyone wishing to carry out any surveys.
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Niki Yazdanian
Simon carried out a full building survey for us on a property in Oxted. We found him to be prompt, professional, very knowledgeable, a great service all round. We would have no hesitation in recommending him and using him again.
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Sophie Beed
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Sara Mahdavian
We used Wesville Associates for a full Building Survey for our property in Claygate after a recommendation from a friend. Simon was very personable, knowledgable and professional, and was able to work around our tight timeframe. We felt in good hands from the start!
“Westville Associates undertook a homebuyers report for us prior to the purchase of our flat in Wandsworth. The service from start to finish was exemplary. Simon booked us in, undertook the inspection and presented the report to us all within 7 working days which was appreciated as time was against us somewhat. The after sales care was also great as we had several questions about the property that were dealt with over the phone. Friendly, professional and prompt service. Would definitely recommend. Rob.”
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Craig C
I have worked in Surbiton and the surrounding areas as an agent for over 10 years and could not recommend Simon highly enough. He has a wealth of knowledge and goes above and beyond to ensure his clients fully understand the fantastic reports he creates, unlike many other surveyors who just send a confusing report without further explanation of key points. I am so pleased Simon has set up his solo venture - Westville Associates and will be recommending him to all of my clients.

When should my neighbour serve me with a party wall notice?

If your neighbour is carrying out any of the works listed in the tables below, they should serve you with a Party Wall Notice before the works begin.

Notifiable works relating to party structures:

Section of ActNotifiable WorkNotice Period
Section 2(a)Underpin, thicken, or raise a party wall. For example, to underpin or raise a parapet wall.2 Months
Section 2(b)Where a wall is defective, carry out repairs, or demolish and rebuild it.2 Months
Section 2(e)Demolish a party wall that is not sufficiently strong, or high enough, for the intended new building or extension.2 Months
Section 2(f)Cut into a party wall for any purpose, including inserting a damp proof course or steel beam.2 Months
Section 2(g)To cut away projections from a wall that overhang your land, such as removing a chimney breast.2 Months
Section 2(h)Cut away projections over your land to the extent necessary to erect a wall.2 Months
Section 2(j)To cut into the wall of an adjoining property, which is not a shared wall, in order to insert a flashing.2 Months
Section 2(n)To expose a section of a party wall or structure that was previously enclosed.2 Months


Notifiable works covered by the Act when building new walls on the line of junction with another property:

Section of ActNotifiable WorkNotice Period
Section 1(2)To construct a new wall on the boundary line with another property, which is partly on both owners’ lands.1 Month
Section 1(5)To construct a new wall on the boundary line with another property, which is wholly on your own land.1 Month


Where excavation works are notifiable under the Party Wall Act:

Section of ActNotifiable WorkNotice Period
Section 6(1)To excavate within 3m of an adjoining property or structure and to a deeper depth than its foundations.1 Month
Section 6(2)To excavate within 6m of an adjoining property or structure and to a depth that would intersect with a 45-degree line drawn downwards from the bottom of its foundations. Typically, this only applies to piled foundations.1 Month
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Party Wall Notices

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