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Party Wall Agreements (Awards) Service in Surrey

We will prepare a Party Wall Award in the event that a dispute needs to be resolved under the Party Wall Act 1996. 

Party Wall Agreements (Awards) in Surrey

Formally known as Party Wall Awards, Party Wall Agreements drawn up by surveyors are legally binding documents that aim to resolve any disputes under the Party Wall Act 1996. As a firm of boundary wall surveyors, we have years of experience negotiating hundreds of Party Wall Awards for properties, and developments across Surrey for projects like loft conversions, basement builds and maintenance.

So, if you have a party wall matter and want to discuss it with a surveyor specialising in this particular area, then you couldn’t have landed anywhere better. Call us on 01932 864375 for a free quote and impartial advice.

A Party Wall Agreement is a legally binding document prepared by party wall surveyors, which will outline and including details of party wall works, timelines and when they will take place. It will also notice any details to rights to compensation that may be awarded under the Act as a result of any damage caused by works.

A Party Wall Agreement is required when you have served a notice to your neighbour and they dissent (ignoring the notice is also deemed as dissent). This, then, triggers a process set out in the Act which requires each party to appoint a surveyor, who will prepare a party wall agreement.

You’ll need to notify adjoining owners of works falling under the Party Wall Act, which include:

  • Digging within 3 meters of an adjacent building.
  • Erecting new walls on the boundary with a neighbouring property.
  • Building activities directly affecting a shared wall or structure, such as foundation reinforcement, beam insertion, or chimney breast removal.

A neighbour can refuse a Party Wall Agreement. When the Notice is issued, your neighbours have 14 days to respond. Failure to respond is also considered as dissent and an Agreement will need to be drawn up. 

As Party Wall Agreements are legally binding documents, both parties must follow the instructions submitted. Failing to do so can lead to injunctions, or legal proceedings. 

If you do not agree to the contents outlined in the agreement, then it can be appealed to the County Court within the first 14 days after it is served. Following this period is it binding on both parties.

Arrange a Free Consultation

It’s 100% recommended to serve a Party Wall Notice. Consult with our qualified surveyors and to determine whether any planned construction on a neighbouring wall or property requires an agreement. 

Failing to obtain the necessary agreements often leads to disputes and legal issues with your neighbours that can result in delays and additional costs before you even get started.

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Reaching an agreement with your neighbours

Once you’ve given notice, your neighbours have 14 days to do the following three options:

  1. Give consent in writing
  2. Refuse consent (initialising a dispute resolution process)
  3. Serve a counter notice (served within one month of initial notice)

Neighbours must respond to the notice. Building Owners should not assume that no response translates as an agreement of works. If there is no response, the dispute resolution process is unavoidable. 

If you are planning to carry out works to the property, you’ll be responsible for paying for the work. In some cases, your neighbour can share the cost if the works are a result of defects or a lack of repair. Appointed surveyors can outlined who pays if you don’t agree.

Chris Thoume
Chris Thoume
Great experience working with Simon: he took me through the process in simple terms and was always willing to provide considered pragmatic advice.
Jessica Sanzone
Jessica Sanzone
Would highly recommend using Westville Associates. Appointed Brett to act for us in regards to some party wall matters. We found him to be polite and professional with a wealth of knowledge in this field. Great communication throughout the process. Great service from start to finish.
Kate Rennie
Kate Rennie
I was recommended to use Westville Associates through a colleague to carry out a survey of a house we were looking to purchase. I couldn’t have been happier with the whole process. From start to finish, Simon was professional, punctual, through and gave good advice with issues that arose from the survey. I have and will continue to recommend Westville Associates to anyone wishing to carry out any surveys.
Niki Yazdanian
Niki Yazdanian
Simon carried out a full building survey for us on a property in Oxted. We found him to be prompt, professional, very knowledgeable, a great service all round. We would have no hesitation in recommending him and using him again.
Sophie Beed
Sophie Beed
Really recommend Westville, great communication and advice. Clear, concise and quick report and more than happy to discuss any points to help us understand our purchase better.
Sara Mahdavian
Sara Mahdavian
We used Wesville Associates for a full Building Survey for our property in Claygate after a recommendation from a friend. Simon was very personable, knowledgable and professional, and was able to work around our tight timeframe. We felt in good hands from the start!
“Westville Associates undertook a homebuyers report for us prior to the purchase of our flat in Wandsworth. The service from start to finish was exemplary. Simon booked us in, undertook the inspection and presented the report to us all within 7 working days which was appreciated as time was against us somewhat. The after sales care was also great as we had several questions about the property that were dealt with over the phone. Friendly, professional and prompt service. Would definitely recommend. Rob.”
Craig C
Craig C
I have worked in Surbiton and the surrounding areas as an agent for over 10 years and could not recommend Simon highly enough. He has a wealth of knowledge and goes above and beyond to ensure his clients fully understand the fantastic reports he creates, unlike many other surveyors who just send a confusing report without further explanation of key points. I am so pleased Simon has set up his solo venture - Westville Associates and will be recommending him to all of my clients.

The party wall process & how long it takes

The processes, framework and timescales for dealing with party wall matters.

Time required: 1 - 2 Days
Service of Notices

The Act requires that the Building Owner serve a compliant Party Wall Notice to the affected Adjoining Owners. Party wall surveyors will prepare and serve the notices, where the notice period is typically 2 months for the party structure works and 1 month for a line of the junction and adjacent excavation works.

Time required: 14 - 24 Days
Response to Notice

Once the neighbour/adjoining owner receives the notice they have 14 days to respond. The three options to respond are:

  • Consent: Works proceed and another further is required. Although a Schedule of Condition is still recommended to avoid problems in the future.
  • Dissent: In this instance, the adjoining owner often appoints their own surveyor, and we will both act together to agree on a Party Wall Award. Both surveyors acting impartially, will work together to serve the award so notifiable works can begin. In other instances, the adjoining owner can dissent but agree to share a single surveyor, where the 'Agreed Surveyor' again acts impartially on behalf of both owners to prepare the Party Wall Award (which is more common in relatively simple works).

If the adjoining owner does not respond after 14 days, they have been deemed to automatically dissent. This means a letter will be sent, giving them 10 days to appoint a surveyor before you appoint one on their behalf. 

Time required: 5 - 10 days following notice response
Schedule of Condition

Once all surveyors have been appointed, we will undertake a Schedule of Condition of the adjoining property, which will record the property's condition before works start and protect you in the event of any damage occurring. Clear written and photographic records are taken.

Time required: Typically 3 - 6 weeks
Party Wall Award

Appointed surveyors will prepare a Party Wall Award, stipulating the timings and manner in which the notifiable works must take place.

Once the content of the award has been agreed upon, the surveyor(s) will sign it and serve it to both owners. If there are any problems with the content, it can be appealed to the County Court within 14 days, after which the award becomes legally binding for both parties.

Subject to no contests, the building owner can start works covered in the award.

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Party Wall Process

Party Wall Notices

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Schedule of Condition